Common Fireplace Problems That Our Masonry Repair Company Can Fix

From times immemorial, a fireplace has been a symbol of the home. Where there are warmth and light, people feel protected, comfortable, and prosperous. In modern homes, it is important to remember that, in order to make the most out of your fireplaces, they have to be built and repaired by experienced and qualified professionals only. What are some common types of fireplace masonry repair? Read the information provided by Ceniga's Masonry, in Bend, OR, below:

Water infiltration through the top of the chimney – this wears away the mortar between the bricks of the fireplace. Water causes the metal liner to rust too. It also damages the ceiling and roof of the home, as well as the adjacent floor.

When it mixes with creosote buildup, water can create an acidic mixture that further damages the bricks, mortar, and liner of the fireplace. It can also cause rust to the damper. Also, damage to the chimney cap allows stray embers to set the roof on fire. If the cap is missing altogether, birds and animals can enter the chimney. Once there, they can block it, and it is needless to say how dangerous this is.

It takes a true professional to identify these issues and take the necessary steps to repair the. At our company, we have the skilled hands, the effective tools and quality materials to do a remarkable job each and every time you need it to be done. Allow us to bring back the comfort a warm glowing fire brings to your home or another property. Enjoy this comfort without worrying about the fireplace damage

If you need an expert in Bend, OR to diagnose these problems or do the fireplace repair, consider the excellent masonry repair services of Ceniga's Masonry. We are available at (541) 350-6068 and will be happy to come to your aid.